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SQLServerExample Address Table



Firstly I'd just like to say thank you for posting this code for use with the PAF file.

I'm new to programming in C# and struggling with the SQLServerExample.
  1. I've configured a local copy of an SQL 2012 server and am using Visual Studio 2013. I'm using the March 2015 full PAF file.
  2. I ran the TSQL script to create the SharpPaf database
  3. Set the SQLServerExample assembly as the start up project
  4. Altered the PathToExampleData parameter of the correct path for my PAF file data
  5. Starting the project returns a console which completes in about 45 seconds no error is returned and data has been entered into all of the tables apart from the address table. I've truncated the database tables and repeated the action on several occasions but can't see anything obvious preventing the population of the address data set from the fpmainfl files.
Is there any additional configuration required?

Many Thanks,